Versilia - Forte Dei Marmi

The history of Forte dei Marmi dates from the XVI century when ships first arrived to take marble from Carrara. In 1782 a fort was constructed to protect the harbour, after which the city was named. From the XIX century, thanks to the prosperity of its maritime trade, Forte dei Marmi became renowned for the many prestigious hotels which harmoniously complemented its beautiful coastal landscape of endless sand dunes and pine groves. More recently the city has become recognised for its green environment, gardens, peaceful walks and tranquil park.
During the XIX century nobility from the royal houses of Europe were drawn to the beauty of Forte dei Marmi. They were soon joined by wealthy and famous diplomats, industrialists, celebrities and artists who, charmed by the place, built grand summer residences and exquisite villas of different architectural styles adorned by pools, fountains and parks, from which the cultural and social life offered by Forte dei Marmi could be enjoyed.
Thus this fashionable resort was born, with its beauty and glamour comparable with the Cote d’Azur, it is acknowledged as the Italian Monte Carlo. The city maintains its own unique style and look and, with the construction of modern high-rise buildings prohibited, allows visitors to enjoy an uninterrupted and breath taking panorama of the entire Versilia-Apuan Alps. Nestled in its inimitable location between majestic mountains and glimmering sea, Forte dei Marmi benefits from 270 sunny days each year and a mild all year microclimate which promotes an abundance of lush vegetation, palms, flowers and pine groves. With its clean seas, fresh air and high standards Forte dei Marmi is indeed an idyllic place to stay.
But there is more to Forte dei Marmi than its stunning natural beauty and mild climate. Stylish shopping and chic boutiques have for a long time been an important feature of the town centre, here you will find many famous names, glamorous boutiques and famous Italian fashion houses. There are also many exquisite jewelry, accessory and antique shops to enjoy and pass time. After dark there are the many famous and prestigious nightclubs and discos to excite the senses, as well as the renown Theatre Versiliana.
Forte dei Marmi is centrally located and in easy reach of the important cities of Tuscany and Liguria, and the beautiful and culturally significant towns of Lucca, Pisa, Genoa, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, and Volterra, and not so far the major centres of Milan and Rome.
For those interested in sports activities Forte dei Marmi has a wide range of excellent facilities, including football, tennis, golf, cycling, horse riding and scenic walks. If you prefer a more relaxed holiday then a glass of Tuscan wine with a delicious meal of fresh fish or traditional meat dishes can be enjoyed in any of the many well known and family run restaurants of Forte dei Marmi.
We can talk endlessly about the many attractions of Forte dei Marmi, and of the whole of Italy too. But it would be much better to see and savour the delights and charms of this prestigious resort yourself.
Be assured, you will have no regrets.